The Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

In recent decades, arthroscopes have gone from a common diagnostic tool to a fully fledged part of a surgeon’s toolbox. Not only can they be used to look inside your body and diagnose issues, but they can also help doctors perform entire surgeries without making major incisions. Arthroscopic surgery is now the primary method used in most joint surgeries, especially in sports medicine. 

Dr. Philip Regala serves patients in Naples, Florida and the surrounding areas. He performs arthroscopic surgery as a low-impact way to correct many conditions without exposing tissues more than necessary.  

Arthroscope basics 

Arthroscopes are small, narrow tubes with cameras attached to the ends. They can be inserted through small, button-sized holes, and your doctor can use them to examine the inside of your joints. As mentioned above, arthroscopes were initially used as a diagnostic tool, but then a new use came to light. 

As doctors got better at manipulating imaging tools, they began using them during the surgery itself. With special instruments and the guidance of the arthroscope, Dr. Regala performs many types of joint surgery without making large incisions. Instead, he simply inserts the arthroscope and needle-thin surgical tools through multiple, small incisions around the joint to complete the delicate repair.

Why choose arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery can have you back on your feet faster than open surgery. Other benefits include: 

Many surgeons now prefer arthroscopic surgery over traditional open surgery. In some cases, open surgery might still be necessary, but many procedures can be accomplished just as effectively using these advanced, minimally invasive methods. 

Common arthroscopic surgeries 

During arthroscopic surgery, surgeons can remove damaged tissue, reconstruct ligaments, reattach torn tendons, repair damaged tissue, and even reshape bones. Common surgeries for which Dr. Regala uses arthroscopy include:

These injuries and ailments make up only a fraction of the conditions that can be solved or alleviated with arthroscopic surgery. If you’re suffering from joint pain, diagnosing the cause is the first step to finding treatment. If Dr. Regala thinks you’re a good candidate for surgery, he’ll most likely perform your procedure arthroscopically. 

Are you suffering from joint problems? Do you have questions about arthroscopic surgery? Talk to Dr. Regala to learn more. You can schedule a consultation by calling 239-325-1131, or book an appointment online

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